This is Hamish, rescued by Northern New England Westie Rescue.
Also Known as The Nubble, this is an iconic Maine lighthouse
(C) 2013 Dan Gingras.This is one of the most famous vineyards in Burgundy, Headquarters of the Confrérie des Chevaliers du Tastevin
Honfleur Harbor, Normandy France
Phyllis in Papeete overlooking Moorea. NO it's not Photoshop. (C) 2013 Dan Gingras
Lionheart under spinnaker (C) 2013 Dan Gingras
Small fishing boat on Bora Bora. (C) 2013 Dan GIngras
Time lapse photo of the Colosseum (C) 2013 Dan Gingras
Sloop at sunset- Portsmouth NH Yacht Club

In the media

Comments, interviews and other media.
My work improving the competitiveness of American business through the use of focused and ROI focused technology and improved processes has garnered some media coverage. here is a summary.

Saving Dogs

My passion... preserving life.
In February 2011 my wife and I founded Northern New England Westie Rescue, a 501c3 charity and licensed animal shelter to save puppy mill dogs. We focus on Westies, Scotties and Cairns, but have saved hundreds of dogs including many other breeds.


The other part of my life revolves around the sea, boats and all things nautical.
A Coast Guard licensed captain, together with my wife Phyllis we continue to explore the world aboard our sailboat Lionheart .


I started my working life as a photojournalist.

I started my career working for newspapers and magazines, and later went back to graduate school studying computer science, but now am returning to my creative roots and learning new techniques and building a portfolio .